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Welcome to our Donations Page
Here you can find a list of our valued donors to our 11th annual Charity Ball!

Gold Eagle Donor
Special thanks to our official Charity Ball Sponsor
Chiesi USA, Inc.

Platinum Donors


Linker Logic, Inc.

Myriad Media Designs, Inc

Pam and John Buxton

Raleigh Neurology Associates

Tots to Teens and Rainbow Play Systems

J.B and Hunter Buxton


Y2 Academy of Cary

Something Constructive, Inc.

Eagles Enterprise

Kerry N. Whitt and Lynn Rebello

OptiX2, LLC

Stevens Martin Vaughn & Tadych PLLC

Gold Donors


Former NC Governor Michael Easley

Dr. and Mrs. Chuck Smith

Walton, Maready & Goeckner Orthodontics

Dianne Dunning and Steve Marks

Grant Johnson

Holly Springs School of Dance, LLC

The Marcotte Family

Keith and Susan Kosinski

The Watts Family

Silver Donors


Tom and Alice Wilson

JP Morgan

Ashley Walker

Cary Pediatric Dentistry

Phillip Flinchum

Betty B Mittag

James A. Ward, DDS

Triangle Table Tennis

Phillip M. Hinchum

Roberson Dental

Marbles Kids Museum

Christopher Lyerly

The Long Family

The Speakman Family

Mark and Catherine Bridgers

Nadine Carozzi

The Ayers Family

Michael Cybrinski and Diana Tennis

Stealz, Inc.

Cary Family Dental

Anna and Ashley Lee Hogewood III

The Bieler/Williams Family

Emily McCann

John Wilson

Lisa Burke

LaFayette SC, LLC

Ervin and Theresa Carroll

Lawrence J. Yenni, M.D, PLLC

Dr. Pennisi, DDS, PLLC

Deepak and Bharti Pasi

Bradford Mott and Seung H Lee

Jonathan and Kerry Witzeman

Sampson Nursery, Inc

Matt Dreese

Susan and Eric Baucom

Stacey Ainbinder-Murray

The Gordon Family

Jennifer and Thomas Slusser

The Peterson Family

Blake Ruegg

Bronze Donors


Forsyth Optometric Group

Rich and Donna Caira

McCrimmon Family Dentistry

Christi M. Davis, DDS

John and Janet Holland

Clearscapes Art and Architecture

Brandy Lyons

Avent Ferry United Methodist Church

Peter and Elizabeth Deichler

Brogden Braces

Ron Wilder, Harden Engelhardt, Lacy Wilder

Johnnye Locke

Always Best Care Senior Services

Jerry Worlsey

Mary Anna Olsen

Goyette Family

The Arun Family

Edward and Carol Dunleavy

John and Laura Russo

The Stowe Family

G Walker

Miles, Robin, and Sarah Godwin

Milan and Henrietta Hazucha

Fassberg-Yaffee Family

Phil Horton and Sheri Barnette

Debi and Mithu Chaudhuri

The Allens

Reem S. Utterback

Emily Holmes

Ira and Christine Stone

Barnette Family

Kim Padfield

Chad Tate and Nancy Glenn

David and Elizabeth Ward

Reshma Tharuvesanchi

Anne McLaurin

Juany Burns

Karen Mcnamee

The Lin Family

Linda Bieler

Lisa Fassberg Weller

Nell G. Barnes, Ed.D

Dr. Stephen Andreaus

The Gowland Family

Bobbie Schatz

Kevin and Jeannine Chignell

The Desai Family

The Patel Family

Matthew Cooke

The Gordon Family

Kimberly and Dan Pabst

The Rechenberg Family

Kharma Orthodontics

Stephen and Rosemary Slager

The Singh Family

Bob and Louise Merz

Martin and Carol Brinkley

Betty Fried

Lynn and Richard Hammer

Kenneth and Elizabeth Brody

James and Linda Martin

The Ravichandran Family

Christine Long

Bovenizer Orthodontics

Daniel Burns

The Schatz Family

Whole Foods North Raleigh

Phillip Matthew

CJ Thomas

Joseph George

Shaji Thomas

Maya Tiwari

Joe Matthews

Joseph George

Enloe Graphics

Michele and Richard Orff Junior

Carolina Primary Care and Women's Health, PA

MyNekia C Perry

Louis and Melinda Walker, Jr.

Louis Walker

John Hoover and Karen Hohenstein

Lee Whitman

Richard and Ronnie Fassberg

Garden and Art by Norman Rabins

Emma Wilkins

Ashley and Wanny Hogewood

Kenneth and Cathy Lepkowski

Scout Hatfield

Temple Beth Or

Clayton Wilkes Family

Mary Kepchar

Communal Deodorant

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gowland, Sr.

Cynthia Delay

Jeff and Kara Eckard

RES Plumbing, Inc.

Stephanie Fanjul

The Suzik Family

Traci Butler

Russell Zeidner

Robert and Irene Sullivan

Kevin Cao

Jeffrey and Jennifer Miller

Molly and Travis Kepley

The Zhou Family

The Singh Family

John Sullivan

Dianne Dunning and Steve Marks

Grant and Bonnie McCullough

Dr. A Khara DMD, PA

J. Stefan and Catherine Bray

The Wit Family

Kapila Patel

Josephine Cloney

Mary Anne and Greg Poole

Talia Zilberstein

Jim and Copie Cain

Thomas Ziko

Amy Williams

Sumner Browne

Rick and Lee Baldwin

The Nagarajan Family

Elenjikal and Rosamma Thomas

Sandra and Dwayne Pinckney

David and Cheryl Scarborough

Nancy Cordes

Vinay Sharma

Kara Grantt

Alan Segal

Christine Kushner

Matt Hong

Ping Zhang

James Cybrynski

Vipresh and Ritu Jain

Barton and Marie-Claude White

Neeraj and Alka Sachdeva

Rose Parli

The Kerr Family

S. Arumugam and R. Uma

Cary Dermatology Center, PA

Raleigh Children & Adolescents Medicine, PC

Nick Lewis

Alex and Marco Pagliara

The Brown Family

Corporate Incentive Products, Inc.

The Bantukul Family

Michael F Danchi

Cynthia Coffman

The O'Brien Family

Geoff and Sun Hazel

Ashley Holmes

Kyle Reese

Thomas Bauso

Averell Smith

Joan DePaolis

Adams, Martin & Associates, PA

Peter J. Cera

Williams Gillespie and Lydia Kaus

Angela and Timothy Sherrill

Alicia Nossov

Steve and Patty Miller

Devesh Agarwal

John Madsen