Enloe Student Council

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Special Events 

Space Jam

Space Jam is an annual concert put on by Music Club and Enloe Student Council. With a variety of acts ranging from rap to indie rock, Space Jam is for everyone. This year the show was from 7-10 PM on December 8th at Imurj (300 S McDowell St.) in downtown Raleigh. Thanks for the great turnout this year and come out next year to support local music and have a great time for an incredible cause! Interested in performing contact: [email protected]

Enloe Charity Ball + VAE Art Auction

The ECB + VAE Art Auction is an annual fundraiser that features student pieces as well as local artists. Food and beverage provided by Trophy Pizza and Westgate Wine.

Charity Ball Coffee

Charity Ball Coffee was sold to Enloe students and staff every Tuesday morning at 7 AM in the West Gym Lobby for $2!

Clubs Kickball Tournament

Several of Enloe's student-led clubs participated in Enloe's first annual charity kickball tournament. The event included a pop-up thrift shop and performances by some of Enloe's musical artists. Interested in having your club participate next year? Keep a look out for more information. 

Oak City Poetry Jam


Charity Ball's first annual Oak City Poetry Jam was hosted in collaboration with the Teen Center. Several of Enloe's and other local artists performed at this event.